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You Know Phil Lyman From This

You know Phil Lyman from this…

…When President Trump pardoned him after the Federal Government abused its power and attacked him for standing up for Utah.

But this is how his community knows him…

Phil Lyman is a fifth-generation Utahn who’s been well-known throughout the community as a fearless leader who stands up to the Deep State. He’s also a loving husband, caring dad and grandpa, a member of the Utah State Legislature, and a CPA.

President Trump pardoned Phil Lyman for a reason – America needs more patriots who are willing to stand up to the Deep State for what is right. That’s why he’s running for governor – because Utah’s current governor would rather make a toast to our surrender with President Biden than fight to bring conservative values back to our great state.

As Governor, Phil Lyman will not surrender to the woke mob, and will defy the implementation of “progressive” policies and agreements that are designed to appear as though they are making Utah better.

Phil has the resumé for success, he has the guts to fight, AND he has the right intentions. All he needs now is your support. Come join the team, help us win this fight.  We’re looking for volunteers to help us get the word out and to fight against encroaching corruption and the woke mob.