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I wanted to share my thoughts on the border with you…

Our Southern Border is being invaded. There’s no denying it. Millions of illegal immigrants are FLOODING into our nation, and we have a President who refuses to stop the hemorrhaging.


Now, Radical Leftists in the Senate are REFUSING to follow through with the House’s decision to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for his reckless handling of the Border Crisis. We need leaders throughout the nation who will PROTECT our Southern Border.

Criminals, terrorists, and insane asylum patients are strolling through our Southern Border and being bussed to our American cities to torment our citizens.

Governor Abbot in Texas has shown that a strong governor can move the needle on this issue. I’m running for Governor in Utah as an America First Patriot. As Governor, I will do everything possible to support a strong and secure Southern Border.

I need 20 American Patriots to join my team. If you are like many busy Utahns, you don’t have a lot of time for volunteering, but a contribution of any amount will help us as well. Will you chip in?