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The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Utah’s Housing Market

Utah’s housing market has become unaffordable for everyday Utahns. This isn’t an issue that’s come out of nowhere. There are fingers to point, and bad government leaders to be pointed at. Governor Spencer Cox’s immigration policies are incentivizing thousands of illegal immigrants to move into our state and preventing Utah families from being able to afford the American Dream. It’s sad, and it needs to end.

Utah’s sanctuary state policies have resulted in 88,000 illegal immigrants moving here. Currently, we are in a housing inventory deficit of about 37,000 units.

Simply put, Utah already can’t support the amount of people who need homes. Adding nearly 100 thousand illegal immigrants to our state makes it impossible for Utahns to chase the American Dream and buy a house.

If allowing illegal immigrants to flock to Utah is harming Utahns, why would Spencer Cox incentivize the mass migration? One picture says it all:

.Utah needs change. Utah needs a new governor who will stand on principle and put Utahns first. That’s why I’m running for governor, and that’s why I need your support.

It is out of touch and insulting to celebrate the fiscal responsibility of the State of Utah that has been paid for by a high tax burden that is forcing Utahns to go deeper into personal debt.

When Spencer Cox became governor, our state’s annual budget was $18.2 billion. In 2022, it was $26.5 billion, which is a 45% growth rate in state government spending.

When you spend like a blue state, you have to tax like a blue state.

As governor of Utah, my budget priorities will be based on true fiscal responsibility that results from limiting spending instead of increasing taxes. Help fuel the fight to get Utah back on track.