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561,797 Starter homes destroyed

Federal Land Mismanagement Fuels Housing Crisis

Federal mismanagement of public land is one of the top reasons housing has become too expensive. Cartels of radical environmentalist lawyers make it nearly impossible to efficiently utilize the natural resources that are necessary to build the houses we need to keep up with demand.

The timber industry in Oregon estimates that 15 billion board feet of timber was burned in the 2020 Labor Day fire, which burned over 1 million acres of forest. If you do the math, that one fire destroyed the raw materials that could have built 561,797 starter homes.

Why are we allowing environmental groups to bully our government leaders into locking up our natural resources rather than using the raw materials to FIX the housing crisis in Utah? These lawyers won’t even let federal agencies harvest the salvage wood after a fire has burned.

Someone has to stand up to them. We need leaders who will put our natural resources to use.

Instead of standing up for Utahns, Governor Cox would rather sip champagne with President Biden in swanky events likely funded and attended by Biden’s Big Green donors.

Not under my watch. That’s why I’m running for governor – to stand on principle and fight back against the environmentalist cartel and their unwittting Republican allies. Until someone stands up to them, we will continue to see housing prices – especially in the West – spiral out of reach.

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Phil Lyman