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The Globalist Agenda Needs To Be Stopped

The United States’ participation in the World Health Organization is a topic that receives regular attention because of the valid concern that this global, and globalist, organization will override our national sovereignty and constitutional rights in the health arena.

Thanks to the One Health framework, our state sovereignty is similarly at risk. Placed under the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, One Health in Utah links directly to the CDC’s One Health program, which in turn lists the World Health Organization, Food Agriculture Organization of the UN, and World Organization for Animal Health as international partners.

The One Health concept seeks to combine the health of humans, animals, plants, and the environment into one program that will be managed at the local through global levels. Unsurprisingly, the World Economic Forum strongly supports the UN’s One Health framework, especially noting the importance of surveillance, including human, genomic, animal, and planetary surveillance, in preventing future pandemics. As is often the case, climate change is intertwined in the “trans-disciplinary” and “multi-sectoral” propaganda.

In short, the UN wants to track and control our health, food, water, and agriculture by meddling down to the local level, all in the name of disease prevention. Back in Utah, One Health partners include a wide range of stakeholders, from the CDC and FDA to the US Park Service and US Geological Survey. Various state-level agencies are included along with the University of Utah, the Utah Public Health Association, unnamed human and veterinary healthcare providers, and local health departments.

This type of all-encompassing program, under the UN umbrella and in line with the WEF and globalist vision, is not in the best interests of Utah.

As your governor, I will NEVER sell our state out to the UN, WEF, or any other globalist agenda.

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Phil Lyman