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I Won’t Take Any Votes for Granted

I am extremely proud to have won 67.5% of the vote at Utah’s State Republican Nominating Convention! Thanks to the support of hardworking delegates, I have the honor of being the Republican Party’s Convention Endorsed Candidate.

But unfortunately, Spencer Cox is bashing me and my supporters, calling us “extreme right-wing party insiders” in a fundraising solicitation. I find it disappointing, frankly, how little respect Governor Cox has for the state delegates. He has even called the state delegates “irrelevant” and “full of hate,” even though they are some of the most dedicated voters in our state.

Our campaign is united around a positive vision for Utah. We care about each other, we care deeply about our state, and we care about you. We believe that there are better roads ahead. I don’t take any votes for granted. I know that I have to work hard to earn every single vote and that delegates are some of the most involved patriots in our state.

We won’t let Spencer Cox write off thousands of Utahns simply because they didn’t vote for him.

This forthcoming primary election on June 25th is really important, and we have a chance to show Utah that there are better roads ahead. We don’t have to accept the status quo.

Thanks so much for supporting me!

Phil Lyman