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Stand For What’s Right

Utahns want a Governor who isn’t afraid to stand for what’s right. They want a strong, conservative leader who is guided by his principles. That leader is Phil Lyman!

Spencer Cox is okay with the status quo, but Phil Lyman knows Utah has better roads ahead. Spencer Cox has let Utah fall behind. Taxes are too high, few people can afford to buy a home, and illegal immigration is out of control. Governor Cox has been in office since 2021, and things just keep getting worse. We simply can’t afford another four years of weak leadership.

Phil Lyman, on the other hand, has become known for his bold and fearless leadership. As county commissioner, Lyman led a peaceful protest against the federal closure of public roads. The following year, the Utah Association of Counties voted Lyman “Commissioner of the Year” for his unrelenting commitment to defend his constituents and their rights.

As a state legislator, Lyman sponsored or co-sponsored 65 bills in his four sessions, and was chair/co-chair of the conservative caucus throughout his service. He championed property and water rights, rural healthcare, natural resources management, critical needs of indigenous people, and pushed back on federal attempts to control state areas of authority.

In his personal life, Lyman and his wife Jody have five children and together enjoy family outings and travel. He treasures his role as a dad and grandpa and serving clients. All of these, he says, drive his commitment to the principles of Statehood-including his drive and passion in standing up to federal and state agencies to protect Utah’s land, water, and energy resources from interference from special interest groups. Lyman is a proven collaborator, effectively promoting the relationships, from urban to rural to the Navajo Nation, while defending the fundamental liberties and resources that make Utah exceptional.

We hope you’ll support Phil Lyman during the June 25th primary election.

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Phil Lyman