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Truth Recaptured: The Lyman Story

Please watch our new video "Truth Recaptured: The Lyman Story"

In this special interview, Jody Lyman and her children share the truth about the special prosecution and story of Representative Phil Lyman, who is now running for Governor in Utah.

For those who haven’t heard the story, Phil Lyman was charged and prosecuted for a federal misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to trespass. He learned that when you are charged with conspiracy by the federal government, that simply means you are going to jail. And he did. He was sentenced to 10 days in prison. This was done by the Obama Administration for daring to stand up against the oppressive federal overreach that had been targeting his small community of Blanding, UT, for over a decade.

Phil has the mugshot to prove it. Some from his community have the obituary photos to show as the consequence of this oppression.

Phil eventually received a phone call from Jason Chaffetz to inform him that President Trump was issuing him a presidential pardon.