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They Say Our Economy is “Fine”

Americans everywhere are feeling the pain of inflation. We’re paying more for our groceries, at the gas pump, and for everyday items. With rising prices and higher taxes, average Americans are trying to make ends meet.

In a stunning new poll, 60% of Utahns believe our state is headed in the wrong direction.

So why do Joe Biden and the Left continue to tell us that our economy is doing fine? Why is there such a disconnect?

These so-called “expert” economists have a different view of reality than we do. Just two months ago, the New York Times’s Paul Krugman used the Bureau of Labor Statistics data to say that grocery prices rose “19.6 percent between January 2021 and January 2023, then another 1.2 percent over the following year.”

He immediately followed that up by saying, “Yes, grocery prices are up a lot, but not nearly as much as some people claim.”

I don’t know about you, but 20% in three years seems pretty high to me! Only out-of-touch elitists could dismiss such a high inflation rate and say that the economy is fine.

We see it with our eyes. We feel it in our wallets. We won’t be fooled!

I know that together, we can get our economy back on track. We can break out of the status quo and achieve better roads ahead!

As Governor, here’s how I will address our economy:

  • Reduce or eliminate the tax burden on all Utahns
  • Lower the state income tax
  • Make Utah energy independent
  • Stabilize the housing market through free market principles – not government intervention
  •  Curb inflation by reducing government spending

Utah gets 30% of its state budget from federal funds. These federal dollars come with strings attached that erode our state sovereignty while that same reckless federal spending is fueling inflation and destroying our purchasing power, raising prices for goods across all markets, and forcing the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates high. Utahns, and all Americans, have been forced to respond by going deeper into personal debt. It is crucial that we support federal policies aimed at curbing inflation while simultaneously working to reduce our dependence on federal funding.

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Thanks so much for supporting me!

Phil Lyman