Dear State Delegates,

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know some of the details about the State Convention on Saturday. Since House District 73 contains more than one county, we will have a special election separate from the general assembly elections taking place in the main hall. Our election begins at 9:45 AM. Please don’t be late or you might miss it.

Here is a printed map along with important details: Pages from 2018 Republican Nominating Convention Call Final

TIme: 9:45 AM

Place: Maverick Center – Salt Lake Room (Lower level under the stands).

Date: Saturday, April 21.

Bring a photo ID. And Parking will cost $10 (as a fundraiser for the party).

Thank you for your willingness to serve. The caucus system is under fire, and I hope that we can show that our rural communities value the voice we have as a result of the caucus system.

It has been so good to attend the various County Conventions and to meet most of you. District 73 is full of the best people!! I look forward to seeing you again in Salt Lake on Saturday. Here is a link to my website

Please feel free to contact me. There are a number of State Delegates who did not provide email address, so pass this information on to anyone you know that is planning to attend.

I may be contacting you individually as time permits.

Drive safe!!


Phil Lyman

For House Of Representatives, District 73

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