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Energy Independence

  • Utah should lead the nation in providing energy solutions
  • Utah is a leader in oil, gas, coal, and uranium
  • Utah is prevented from having an impact by the Federal regulation.
  • Energy independence = financial independence for Utahns
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Utah's Energy and Mineral Wealth

Utah has an abundance of mineral wealth. As our nation’s energy demands increase, Utah should be poised to provide solutions. Utah is already a leader in oil, gas, coal, and uranium. The only thing preventing us from having a much larger impact is the federal administrative state. Enough is enough! It is time to lead, not follow. Cheap abundant energy creates prosperity and freedom. One of my top priorities is energy independence for Utah. Please read on!

As governor, here’s how I will address our energy and mineral management:

  • Support coal while exploring nuclear energy options responsibly
  • Fight back against National Monuments, NACs, and the 30×30 Agenda
  • Oppose any efforts to drain our reservoirs and decommission dams
  • Block efforts to limit our liberty in the name of climate change

Supporting coal and exploring nuclear energy options responsibly: I welcome Rocky Mountain Power’s decision to continue operating Utah’s Hunter and Huntington plants until 2036 and 2042 respectively. I applaud, and voted in favor of, two bills in the 2024 legislative session supporting fossil fuel energy. To ensure Utah always has abundant, affordable energy, I will also commission responsible, truthful research on the viability of nuclear energy in Utah. Because of our extensive uranium deposits, I believe there may be a place for nuclear energy innovation in Utah, and we should lead on exploring those possibilities.

Fighting back against National Monuments, NACs, and the 30×30 Agenda: As part of the United Nations-led global 30×30 Initiative, we’ve seen the federal government commit to taking possession of 30% of our land and water by 2030. Living in Blanding, I have watched the various ways the federal government locks up Utah’s natural resources, including uranium and rare earth minerals, for over a decade. The federal government currently owns 67% of Utah. Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments alone comprise over three million acres. Created under the guise of protecting Native American artifacts and various environmentalist efforts, national monuments are nothing more than globalist power grabs restricting access to rare earth minerals. Now as the ruling class rolls out their plan to buy the land, water, minerals, and all other resources of the United States through Natural Asset Companies (NACs), the rest of Utah and the West are waking up to what we saw and protested a decade ago. Utah needs to be a sanctuary state for developing its own natural resources. As governor, I will always fight back against federal land and power grabs.

Opposing efforts to drain our reservoirs and decommission dams: Radical environmentalists have succeeded in gaining approval to destroy and remove dams in California. They plan to do the same along the Snake River in Idaho and even have their targets set on the Glen Canyon dam. I will oppose any effort to drain our reservoirs and destroy our energy production infrastructure.

Blocking efforts to limit our liberty in the name of climate change: Along similar lines, I will stand up to gridlock created by radical environmentalist groups, and to all measures intended to control the population in the name of climate change. Climate change propaganda has paved the way for the Biden administration’s assault on coal, oil, gas, mining, and common sense. While I hope Utahns will make every effort to take personal responsibility to preserve our state’s natural beauty, I will never let special interests, elites, the UN, or foreign nations dictate what happens in the great state of Utah.