Better roads ahead

As Governor, Phil Lyman will stand up for Utah

Better roads ahead

As Governor, Phil Lyman will stand up for Utah

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Phil Lyman

Utah's Next Governor

Meet Riley Gaines with Phil Lyman
Thursday 1/18 in SLC
Friday 1/19 in St. George

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U of U, Salt Lake City

Utah Tech, St. George

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Phil on Senator John Johnson's Politic IT

Watch as Senator John D. Johnson engages in a discussion on the upcoming Utah Governor’s race with his guest Rep. Phil Lyman on August 29th. Phil is currently the Utah House representative in District 69.  He discusses his history in Utah politics as a political influencer in Utah. 

Phil has worked with a number of Utah political figures dealing with issues here in the state of Utah. He fought for the people of his district. Listen to Phil’s interview.  Yes, he has a mug shot too.  Now he wants you to elect him Governor.

No one is better qualified or a better representative of Utahns than Phil Lyman.

Representative Phil Lyman

Phil is currently a Utah legislator representing district 69, which covers Emery, Grand, San Juan, Wayne, Kane, and Garfield counties. If you include the east entrance to Zions National Park, this district has all five of Utah’s National Parks.

Utah is a state that values the outdoors. Whether you live in Davis County or Piute County, this is the West and we all want to Utah be the best place to live and work and to play.

Here are a few of Phil's top priorities:

Energy independence for Utah

Utah has an abundance of mineral wealth. As our nation’s energy demands increase, Utah should be poised to provide solutions. Utah is already a leader in oil, gas, coal, and uranium. The only thing preventing us from having a much larger impact is the federal administrative state. Enough is enough! It is time lead, not follow.

Empower Counties

Decisions should be made by people who know what is happening and who are affected by policy decisions, not by disconnected agencies in Washington DC, or even disconnected agencies in Utah.

Families First

Support families, including housing initiatives to make buying a first home easier, and supporting families with special needs members.

Ensure parental rights when it comes to education choices and curriculum in public schools. No more criminalizing parents who speak up at school board meetings.

Health freedom: We have a right to know the truth about pharmaceuticals and health initiatives, including the source of the information and the money behind it.

Individual Rights

Phil supports and promotes individual rights including the rights of consenting adults to choose their lifestyle, but standing firmly against actions that harm children, including gender indoctrination, hormone therapy, and gender mutilation.

No men in women’s locker rooms or boys in girls’ sports.

Election Integrity

When it comes to our elections, the best course to achieving trust in the system is to have systems that are trustworthy, including risk-limiting measures performed by independent third parties who have access to the necessary data to issue even very limited assurance to the public. We need to drop the rhetoric surrounding elections and get real about the bona fide attacks that our elections are under. P.S. – Zuckerbucks and the PEW Charitable Foundation will never give us the solution.


It is time to bring infrastructure to Utah. Utah’s political influence, financial resources, population, and problems are increasingly concentrated on the Wasatch Front.

This is from Phil’s policy statement:

“I am not in favor of growth simply for the sake of growth, but I also believe that when governments endeavor to arrest the progress of society at any particular point, it leads to unnecessary regulation and an unnatural evolution of our communities. We should allow growth to happen more readily in areas that are naturally suited to support communities, and we should invest in infrastructure that would permit that sort of growth in the natural course of things.”

Get Involved

Any political campaign needs the support of the people of the district.  The ‘district’ Phil Lyman is campaigning for is the entire State of Utah.  We believe in our representative republic and want you to be an informed and educated citizen.  Learn what Phil Lyman is all about.  Get in touch with our volunteer coordinator, come help us.  Put up a sign in your yard or make a contribution so someone else can put up a sign.  Let everyone know who you’re supporting and why.  Phil Lyman will help you restore your rights and your dignity!  

If your schedule is already full, click the donate button.  If you can help us in any way, click the volunteer button, please help us help you.  Want to know what you can do?  Contact us, we’ll put you to work saving our state.

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