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Southern Utah,     Land that I Love!

I am honoroed to represent District 73 in the Utah State Legislature. These are big shoes to fill, but those who know me know that I will tirelessly fight to secure the rights of rural Utahns to raise families, build communities, and seek prosperity in the land we love. I hope you will join me in this fight!

Help me Fight Antiquities Act Abuse

Although we’ve been living with the challenges of Antiquities Act abuse in District 73 for decades now, we could quite possibly be in one of the most critical moments of the fight. It’s never been more important to rally together!

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Good Government

More government doesn’t always lead to better government. American government is at its best when local governments are most empowered to solve local needs. The federal government’s footprint in House District #73 isn’t just large, it’s obscene. I will fight to shift the balance back to empowering local government, and I will make sure the State of Utah asserts its sovereignty.

Public Lands

On average, District #73 is almost 90% public land. Without a strong voice in our state legislature, our district would be overrun by out-of-state special interest money and influence. I will fight to ensure that all of our residents can enjoy and utilize our lands.


Our kids are growing up with parents working two or more jobs just trying to pay for health insurance. I want to make a clear distinction between healthcare and health insurance. One is provided by people helping people, the other is imposed by bureaucrats trying to take us hostage using our health as the ransom.


While most state representatives probably worry most about how to fund, build, and maintain roads for a growing population, in District 73 one of our biggest challenges is keeping the roads we have. I want to make sure that rural Utah remains accessible. I will also fight to make sure precious transportation dollars are spent responsibly, so we can keep taxes low.


Utah’s education system benefits from the combination of strong families, closely-nit communities, and a culture that values learning and growth. School choice and technological innovation have enabled rural Utahns to have access to innovative programs. Access to these programs have made it possible for young families to choose to stay in rural Utah.


Wealth comes not from the ground but from the hearts, minds, souls, blood, sweat, tears, and intention of free people. There is a reason why America is great. To the extent that people are free to choose, free to try, free to live, free to think, and free to enjoy the blessings of their efforts, they will pursue a course of prosperity

Public Land in District #73

District #73 is composed of Utah’s public lands counties. Extensive public land ownership creates unique challenges that require connections, experience, and tenacity. As a County Commissioner in San Juan County, I have learned what it takes to maintain our local governement’s seat at the table where public land decisions are made. I want to put this experience to work for District #73.


of Wayne County is Public Land


of San Juan County is Public Land


of Piute County is Public Land


of Kane County is Public Land


of Garfield County is Public Land


of Beaver County is Public Land

Outside Money and Organizations are Trying to Defeat Phil

A small faction of the outdoor recreation industry has spent millions of dollars over the years to lock up Utah public lands. Most recently they have threatened to harm Utah’s economy unless Utah’s elected leaders would adopt policies they prefer. Not surprisingly, this industry is committing to support and fund one of my opponents in this race. I hope District #73 will rally behind me, but I’m not taking anything for granted. I fully expect the outdoor recreation industry to offer lavish financial help to my opponent. I could use your help!

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Updates from Phil

Phil Lyman on His Guiding Republican Principles

Phil Lyman on His Guiding Republican Principles

I am Phil Lyman, and I’m running to represent Utah’s House District 73. I am running as a Republican because I am a Republican. I agree with the Republican platform of smaller government that is closer to the people. I believe Adam Smith was right when he said that...

Come Meet Phil Lyman

Come Meet Phil Lyman

Dear Friends and Neighbors,   You will soon be finding your general election ballots in the mail. As you research the candidates you will be voting for, I hope to earn your vote. This week I have several events lined up where you can come get to know me and learn...

How You Can Help Phil Win This November

How You Can Help Phil Win This November

As we get closer to the general election in November, many supporters have been asking how they can help make sure Phil wins his race to represent District 73 in the Utah State Legislature. As he has traveled the district and met with the voters, he is feeling good...

Phil’s Endorsements

I support my brother from another mother, Phil Lyman, 110%. He’s the right choice at the right time to keep up the fight in District 73. I have his back all the way.
Representative Mike Noel

There’s nobody more well-equipped to wrangle the Federal Government with regards to Road Rights-of-ways, Rs2477, and Public Land Usage. Phil has the knowledge and experience that House District 73 needs.
Darin Bushman

Piute County Commissioner

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