Join Me in the Fight Against Antiquities Act Abuse

The Time to Fight is Now!

I recently attended meeting with President Biden’s Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. She came in response to Executive Order 13990, which required her to conduct a review of the two national monuments in my district. Along with most of District 73, I oppose this Executive Order. I support the boundaries created by President Trump, which recognize the local communities that rely on surrounding federal lands to survive.

Everyone expects that President Biden will be asked to expand the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monuments. In District 73 we have been fighting to prevent, to rescind, to shrink, and to live with these monuments for almost 25 years. I was encouraged to hear our Congressional delegation and state leaders unite behind the message that any unilateral executive action with these monuments will be undone by the next Republican president. They also made it clear that any legislative action that makes these monuments permanent must include an exemption for Utah from future Antiquities Act designations.

I am also encouraged that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts recently signaled that the Supreme Court has concerns about how the Antiquities Act has been used to justify massive land grabs that were never contemplated in the language of the Antiquities Act.

I believe that President Trump’s longest lasting legacy will be a generational change in the federal courts as a result of the hundreds of judges he replaced with lifetime appointments.

Although we’ve been living with the challenges of Antiquities Act abuse in District 73 for decades now, we could quite possibly be in one of the most critical moments of the fight. It’s never been more important to rally together!

This is why I’m creating a dedicated campaign to unite everyone right now. If you’re with me on this, I hope you will sign the petition below, and we will get to work.

Join me to Stop Antiquities Act Abuse

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