As Governor, Phil Lyman will stand up for a Utah that is STRONG, VIRTUOUS, AND FREE.


As Governor, Phil Lyman will stand up for a Utah that is STRONG, VIRTUOUS, AND FREE.

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Phil Lyman

Utah's Next Governor

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Phil on Senator John Johnson's Politic IT

Watch as Senator John D. Johnson engages in a discussion on the upcoming Utah Governor’s race with his guest Rep. Phil Lyman on August 29th. Phil is currently the Utah House representative in District 69.  He discusses his history in Utah politics as a political influencer in Utah. 

Phil has worked with a number of Utah political figures dealing with issues here in the state of Utah. He fought for the people of his district. Listen to Phil’s interview.  Yes, he has a mug shot too.  Now he wants you to elect him Governor.

No one is better qualified or a better representative of Utahn’s than Phil Lyman.

Phil's Legislative Victories

  • HB0155 Independent Election Audits
  • HB0273 State Trust Lands AdminAmendments
  • HB0276 Water Supply Amendments
  • HB0277 Homeowners Association Revisions
  • HB0391 Rural Emergency Medical Services
  • HB0416 Transient Room Tax Amendments
  • HB0417 Motor Vehicle Tax Amendments
  • HB0507 Firearm Possession Revisions
  • HB0515 Child Abuse Reporting Amendments
  • HB0562 Water Rights Inventory Requirements
  • HJR022 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution – Inherent and Inalienable Rights

Representative Phil Lyman

Phil is currently a State Representative from district 69. Geographically It’s a huge district. His district is rural but filled with resources: Ranching, Energy, and according to Phil the best people on earth.

In Phils own words: “You know the constitution specifically states that it’s purpose is to preserve the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. I am committed to that principle and committed to doing those things.”

Need we say more about Phil Lyman?

In his own words...

“I would love to be the Governor, only because I’d love to see some things change that I don’t see happening currently. There is a whole chain of unfairness. I fought for the rights of the people of my county.  I go down into my district and the cowboys take off their hats out of respect. Anyone who has dealt with the BLM (no not THAT BLM, the Bureau of Land Management) respects someone who will stand up for their rights. 

I really dislike injustice and I respond. I’m compelled to step in. I’d like to ask you to spread the word.”

We have a huge uphill battle, but with your help, we think we can make Utah a free state again.

Phil Lyman, a New Era for Utah

Get Involved

Any political campaign needs the support of the people of the district.  The ‘district’ Phil Lyman is campaigning for is the entire State of Utah.  We believe in our representative republic and want you to be an informed and educated citizen.  Learn what Phil Lyman is all about.  Get in touch with our volunteer coordinator, come help us.  Put up a sign in your yard or make a contribution so someone else can put up a sign.  Let everyone know who you’re supporting and why.  Phil Lyman will help you restore your rights and your dignity!  The world is on fire, help us put that fire out in Utah.

If your schedule is already full, click the donate button.  If you can help us in any way, click the volunteer button, please help us help you.  Want to know what you can do?  Contact us, we’ll put you to work saving our state.